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Are you searching about Lightroom Mod APK then you in the correct place. Now we discussing Adobe Lightroom mod apk Premium unlocked. You need Lightroom Mod APK then you read this article till the end and know how to download Lightroom Mod APK and How to Install Lightroom mod apk read till the end.

Adobe Lightroom CC Premium


The powerful camera on mobile devices has sparked everyone’s passion for photography. Nowadays, it’s not just the necessity to save lots of special moments in life, most of the people want beautiful and sparkling photos to share it on social networks. However, to possess an excellent photo, you would like to possess tons of data about photo editing and use some editing software on the PC. It’s quite complex, requires you to possess tons of experience and spend tons of your time learning the way to use it. That’s why many of us address mobile photo editing software.

About Adobe Lightroom CC Premium, it is a more advanced version. It will require users to pay to use more advanced features. The power of Adobe Lightroom Premium goes beyond all common photo editing applications. Currently, the fee offered to use Adobe Lightroom CC Premium is about $ 5/month.

Adobe Lightroom


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Size- 104Mb


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Lightroom MOD APK 2020

Adobe Lightroom (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC) is a leading application in editing photo on mobile. This is a good application known by many users who love photo editing. Adobe Lightroom provides a stable and smooth experience for all users. Also, it offers many attractive features. If you are looking for a professional photo editing app, this is definitely a great option for you.

Upgrade the power with the Premium version

Adobe Lightroom is a completely free download application. You only need to download this application to your phone, then log in (with your Adobe, Facebook or Google account) to use the application. However, the free version of the application does not have too many features and professional editing tools. If you want to upgrade to the Premium version, you need to spend $ 10/ a month of use. Here are some advanced features of the Premium version:

  • Copy Settings: If you have an amazing edit and you want to apply it to another photo, this feature will help you do that simply and quickly.
  • Tone Curve: The feature that makes the objects on your image come alive and stand out.
  • Copy the original image, upload it to the cloud without any reduction in size. You can download it on any device.
  • Toolkit including Geometry, Upright and Guided Upright will help you adjust perspective easily.
  • Healing Brush: Delete an object in the photo correctly, conveniently and quickly.
  • Automatic tagging of photos, help you categorize and search faster.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom owns all the basic tools of a mobile photo-editing application. Cropping and rotating helps you find the right ratio for your photos. You can crop the image manually or use some predefined ratios. With Rotate, you can adjust your photo to any angle. Just use your finger and rotate the photo to the angle you want.

Improving the lighting and color of images has never been this easy. With the slider design, you can easily change the color and lighting of your photos, making your photos stand out and be more sophisticated. Besides, the Brush Healing feature helps you remove all unwanted objects in your photos, no matter how big or small.

Do you want to have the copyright of your photos? Use the watermark by selecting Sharing with watermark in Preferences. However, this application does not allow you to use image watermarks or logos but only text watermarks. You can adjust the font size and position of the watermark.

In addition to photo editing features, Adobe Lightroom also has a built-in camera feature. After using, I feel the camera of this application is not inferior to the popular camera applications today. The features needed for a camera are all available. Besides, you can quickly edit your photos thanks to the filters of Adobe.

Final Word

If you Read till Now that means you have sufficient knowledge to download and install Adobe Lightroom Mod APK Thank You for reading this now download and enjoy.

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