10 Best Hero Forge Alternatives To Create Characters in Full 3D

Best Hero Forge Alternative: You can design and create your favorite miniature by using the best alternatives of Hero forge. This technology helps you to create 3D modeling tabletop customize miniatures. It offers you a very wide selection regarding expressions like face, battle, gender, hairstyle, and many more.  It has been a very exciting service. In this service, all you have to do is to select the substance that you want to print and the size you want to have. However, if you are not satisfied with the qualities and working of this technology then you can try the best alternatives of Hero Forge To create 3D miniatures.

Top Best Alternatives of Hero Forge [UPDATED]

Best Hero Forge Alternative

1.Eldritch Foundary

It is known for its 3D creation and modeling abilities. It is cheaper than Hero Forge. You can create your 3D miniature at just $35 with this alternative.  It has many unique designs of characters with a vast variety of gender, hairstyle, pose an appearance that makes your character more attractive. Crafting miniature in Eldritch Foundry makes you feel like you are creating a video game This technology creates miniature with both modern and traditional looks as well. It makes your work convenient and helps you to make your craft smoothly. You can share your creations on social sites like Whatsapp,  Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter, and many others.


We can consider this app also like the other alternative of Hero Forge, through which you can design your favorite 3D miniature. With the help of its app, you can configure the designs of the character’s appearance like their armors, weapons, etc.  So, these qualities make this app a perfect and free Hero  Forge alternate.


We can say Gambody an incredible website to the alternate of Hero Forge.  This website has unlimited varieties for users, as it makes Gambody different from others. Its special quality is that It can also print to its characters and also can create some different shapes like starfish,  dragons, and other animated characters. Its costs start from $1 to $45. 

4.Desktop Hero

Desktop Hero is a unique tool to create a 3D model that you can use for tabletop games. Desktop Hero create your designs and print them at a low price. This app gives you your favorite 3D miniature at an affordable cost of $3.50 to $5 per creature. It is an impressive alternate of Hero Forge. Through this, you can grow your work by sharing these designs on different Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  etc. This tool is very helpful to comfortably define a minute body. So, use it today and design a fine-tune 3D miniature.

5.Creature Castre

It is a very feature-rich alternate of Hero Forge because of its fairly good reasons.  Creature Caster has the ability to create high-quality statutes and resin miniatures. It has run over the years and it creates each model of intricate designs.

6.Hero Mini Maker

We can say it a perfect alternative to Hero Forge because it adds life to your imagination. It also helps you create fantasy 3D miniatures. Its interface is so convenient that provides you a relaxable and better user experience. In addition to this, You get a huge range of weapons, helmets, masks to design your statues more attractive. It has a wide collection of style parts as you can choose what you want.

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Its main specialty is that you can make changes in its final look and appearance by a suitable option from the library.  You can design and create your 3D character from over 800 styles from different animations. Hero Mini Maker offers its users both female and Male body parts options, various custom weapons, clothing options along with the outfit. It is the perfect solution as the alternative of Hero Forge and Brings life to your Imagination.


This is the best and perfect alternate for those who are looking for a free Hero  Forge Alternative. This is a Sun Java-based software. It is an open-source character designer for RPG. Its functioning method is very effortless and effective. This program designs your character in a very unique method. With the help of PCGen, you get access to customization and stunning features. This program is completely ads free.


If you are not satisfied with the above programs then you must try Anvl.co. This program brings your imagination into reality and creates more designs. This is a very cheaper program than Hero Forge. So you can afford it very easily. With the help of this program, you can design your professional miniature also with a more attractive design. ANVL.co has a fast functioning quality which helps you to complete the task on time.  It has a clean user and straightforward interface which guarantees a relaxable experience of creating 3D miniatures.


This program is a simple working and backed with a straightforward UI. Cults provide the same platforms to both printing fanciers and designers. It is a very well-known program in the 3D model. Some of the well-known collection of Cults are Primaris Grey Knight Squad, Batman Batarang Flexi. It has a list which included its latest 3D models like Chibi Mutated Kaiju, Apocalyptic X-men 3D print model, etc. in short we can say that Cults is a great source 3D miniatures.

10.My MiniFactory

It is also an alternate of Hero Forge.  There are some popular figures of it are Rick Grimes,  Blastoise pokemon, Riccardo  Minervino. You can get some model for free and some have a premium cost.  Its massive base of models also comes in a printable form.


So, these are the Hero Forge alternatives. If you are a miniature creator then use any of the above options and design your favorite miniature by using various options that are included in these alternatives.  Every program is perfect from their own perspective. Hope, these programs help you a lot for choosing the best according to your choice

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