Discord: How Do I Share a Screen on a Public Server?

Share a Screen on a Public Server: On Discord, sharing a screen in a private call is basic. Just click a single button and choose your sharing options. The problem? This button does not appear in a call on a server. However, it is indeed possible to carry out this task in a public channel (although only on a computer).

How To Share a Screen on a Public Server

Discord: How Do I Share a Screen on a Public Server?

Activate Developer Mode

The first essential step is to activate the developer options:

  • Go to the settings by clicking on the cog in the lower left.
  • Navigate to the Appearance section.
  • Go down to the Advanced settings and check Developer mode.

Share a Screen on a Public Server

This developer mode will allow you to add an option after a quick right-click on a channel, server, or user. The Copy ID option. We will need these identifiers for the following.

Access the voice room interface

You must know the interface during a private call. This interface also exists for public calls. But to access it, you will have to create a link. This link follows this format:


You must then replace ServerID with the identifier of the server where you are. To obtain it, right-click on the server name and then Copy the identifier. Then replace IDchannelvocal with the identifier of the voice room in which you are.

You just have to send this link in a text chat room or in a user’s private messages. And click on it. You will then have access to the voice room interface.

Share a Screen on a Public Server

As you can see, the screen sharing button is then available in the menu at the bottom

Problems Encountered When Sharing a Screen

  • My screen sharing has no sound
  • When you share a screen, Discord offers you several options. To be able to share the sound of the application, you must select the Application window. Also, remember to tick SOUND.

Share a Screen on a Public Server

Then choose the corresponding window from the list.

The window I want to share is not in the list

If a Window Does Not Appear:

  • Go to the settings of the application in question.
  • In the Video section, find the Display Mode.
  • Set it to Windowed without an edge (you may lose fps)

Restart sharing. The window should now be detected.

Discord Crashes When Sharing Screens

Discord or the shared app sometimes crashes when they share a screen. If this is your case, remember to update the drivers for your graphics card (update for Nvidia or AMD). If that doesn’t work, you probably have an insufficient configuration to do screen sharing. You will need a more powerful graphics card and / or processor.

Here you are completely informed to show your friends your building mechanics on Fortnite!

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