Idle Army Base Mod Apk 1.20.2 Download [Unlimited Money,Endless Star ]

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Welcome here, are you finding a mod apk version of your favorite game Idle Army base? If yes then here you can download the latest version of Idle Army Base Mod Apk with the review and precious details and valuable information of this game.

This game is made for everyone who wants to get the experience of the army base. When you will play this game, you will feel like an Army officer of an Army Base. This is a complete and well-developed game for the army loves. There are so many awesome features available in this game that makes this game super special for army lovers.

If we talk about the original Idle Army Base game then there are so many boundaries we have in the original version. You have to face the ads in the gameplay and you need to purchase the things by spending money from your wallet. If you don’t want to spend the money from your wallet then you need to wait until you have enough rewarded money from your gameplay.

But you have no need to spent money from your wallet or wait until the winning. Because, if you Download the Idle Army Base mod version then you will get unlimited money. You can enjoy the game without any limits. So read all the information to get all details of the modified version Army Base game.

What is Idle Army Base Mod Apk?

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As the name said ‘Idle Army Base’, This game is completely like an army base. In this game, you will get the task from your upper rank and you can give the training to your candidates. This game has tasks like an army base. If you want to get the experience of an army base then this game is completely made for you.

The experiences that you will get in the Idle Army Base game are described below:

  • Get the experience of running a complete army base.
  • Be a training officer and get the experience to train the troops and volunteers.
  • Complete the military task and get the reward and rank.
  • Build a complete army base by creating an army cap under you.
  • You can build your own army base in this game.

So these are some experiences that you will get in this game. All these experiences made this game extraordinary and more enjoyable. This is nothing, you will know more about this game and about its feature in this article.

If we talk about the mod version then the mod version is more interesting than the real version. We all know that the mod version is a modified version of the real game. In the mod version of Idle Army Base, all the premiums are unlocked and you will get unlimited money.

While playing the game you will earn the coins by completing the task by you and your troops. But it is very time taking because you can’t able to use any premium things until you have enough money to bring them. So we have the Idle Army Base Mod Apk latest version only for you. In this mod version, you can play this game with all the premium things.

Idle Army Base

Idle Army Base MOD APK 1.20.2 (Free Shopping)

Idle Army Base Mod Apk Download

Name – Idle Army Base

Compatible with  – 5.0

Developer – Neon Play

Price – Free

Size – 88.23 MB

MOD – Apk

Latest version –  1.20.2

Download Now

Features of Idle Army Base game

The features of these games are amazing and awesome. You can’t even think that you will get all army based features in one game. This game is developed by Neon Play and neon play is very famous for creating the most addictive games. They are experts in creating a game like this.

So without wasting time let’s know about the features that are offered by them in Idle Army Base.

No Need to Click or Tap

Manage army base like a tycoon

Yes my friend, in this Idle Army Base game, you have no need to click or tap on the screen. In fact, you just need to train your troops and complete the missions, and then earn money, gold, and cash. After that, invest your cash to make your army base more powerful and attract more troops and then train them.

Play Offline

This is the best part of this game. You have no need to play this game online. Create the best army base and train your troops offline also. You will also earn the money while playing it offline.

Courses like Real Army

Unlock training Areas in army base screenshot

Download Idle Army Base Mod Apk and train your troops with the courses of the real army. You will get the army training courses like a real army to train your troops. Each course has a different training program with different activities. We have described all the courses that you will get in this Idle Army Base Game.

  • Urban Warfare
  • Obstacle Course
  • Jungle Warfare
  • Arctic warfare
  • Desert warfare
  • Heavy Artillery and Explosives
  • Ultimate Machine Gun
  • Naval warfare
  • Chemical warfare
  • Explosive Training

These are some courses that are available in the Idle Army Base game to train the troops and volunteers. If I missed to include any course then you can comment, we will include the course in it.

Build Best Army

Best Army Camp Screenshot

Invest in your army base and expand it to build the best army base ever. One best army base can make you rich with gold and cash. You will earn money with each mission and with this money you can hire an army base manager. All your investments in your camp attract more troops and volunteers to your army base.

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Build Best Army Base

Build Best amry base

If you want to make the best army then first you need to build the best army base. At the beginning of this game, you have a very little army base in which you have to train your army troops for the mission. When you will complete the missions then you will earn money. Invest this money in your army to expand it as the best and Ultimate army base.

You need to unlock all these areas in your army base. If you use the Idle Army Base mod apk that we have suggested then you will get all these already unlocked.

  • Exercise Yard
  • Tanks
  • Explosive Training Area
  • Urban warfare Area
  • Paratrooper
  • Urban Warfare Area
  • Obstacle Course Area
  • Jungle Warfare Area
  • Arctic warfare Practice Yard
  • Desert warfare Area
  • Heavy Artillery
  • Ultimate Machine Guns
  • Naval warfare Area
  • Chemical warfare Area

All these areas and things that you will get in the Idle Army Base game but you need to unlock them. In the Idle Army Base Mod Apk, you will get all these things unlocked.

Advantage of Idle Army Base Mod Apk Version

The points that you can see in the upper features, you need to unlock all of them. But in the mod version of the Idle Army Base game, you will get all these things unlocked. If you will go with the original version then you will take too much time to create the Ultimate Army Base. Because in the original version you need to unlock all the premium things by investing money. And you will get money when you will complete missions and tasks. After that, you can unlock all the areas, guns, and other things one by one.

But why we choose to go with the original version, if we got the mod version of the same app with all the same features. You will also get the advantage of unlimited money, gold, and cash in the Idle Army Base mod apk. Also, you will get all the premium things unlocked. So you have no need to invest in anything. Just download the mod version with the help of the below process.

There is one more advantage of the Idle Army Base Mod apk is that you will never face any type of advertisement. It makes your gameplay more amazing and you can focus on your team and army base completely.

How to Download Idle Army Base Mod Apk

The mod version of any app is not available on the google play store or any other official app store. Because they are modified by some developers or it violets the policies of the app store. So you will never find any mod apk on any official app store.

The websites are the source like us from where you can download them. If you have decided to download the idle army base mod apk version then just follow the below process to download it.

Step 1: First, click on the download button that is available in the upper box. You can find this box in the section of what is Idle Army Base.

Step 2: Now open your Phone settings and allow download from unknown sources.

Step 3: If will ask you again, click the allow button to allow it. Your phone always asks it if you don’t download apps from your default play store. So don’t worry and click on the allow button.

Step 4: After that, you find the Idle Army Base Apk File in the file manager and install it on your smartphone.

Step 5: If your phone wants the permission then allow it again.

Follow all these five steps and enjoy Idle Army Base Mod Apk on your device. You can build your own army base on your phone after downloading Idle Army  Base on your android devices.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

We have included some questions in this section. If you have any queries related to the Idle Army Base Mod Apk then you find it here. If your query is not described here then you can tell about it in the comment section. We will reply and also we will include it in the people also ask section.

Can we play this game without the internet?

Yes, you can play this game without or with the internet. The Idle Army Base Mod Apk is a completely offline game. But if you will go online in this game then you can connect with other online gamers and check the leaderboard.

Is the Idle Army Base game is free to play?

The Idle Army Base Game is free but not completely. You need to spend the money as an in-app purchase. But if you will use the mod version of this game then you have no need to pay for anything. Because you have unlimited gems and money to purchase anything in Idle Army Base Mod Apk.

In which OS we can play the Idle Army Base Mod Apk?

If we talk about the Idle Army Base Mod Apk then this available only for android devices. And you need to know about the original app then you can play it on any OS like iOS and Android.

All these questions asked by us, so we have mentioned them in this article. If your query is not available in it then please comment in the comment section.

Final Word

I hope that you have got the complete information about the Idle Army Base Mod Apk game. If you love to experience army life or a military officer then download it right now. You can download the Idle Army Base Mod Apk from the upper box. You can share this article with your friends so that they can also download this game and build their own Army Base like a tycoon.

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